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Accelerate Your Board Journey Easily, Confidently, and Successfully.

Tissa Richards’ "My Board Blueprint™" course demystifies what boards are looking for and equips you with actionable tools and a provable process to kickstart your board journey and activate your network to rapidly land your first (and second, and third...) board role.
My Board Blueprint™ guides you to develop and implement your successful board plan in just 5 weeks.

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Easily Activate and Accelerate Your Boardroom Journey

Imagine a whole course focused on action and outcomes...

Create your own blueprint to the boardroom in just 5 weeks!


Identify the exact value you bring to which boards, and why it matters for your success.


Activate your network to scale your search and line up board interviews.


Learn how to ace interviews and bring immediate value to board opportunities.


Who this course is for

Early Explorers


Are you a successful operator ready for the boardroom - but you just don't know where to start to maximize your success and impact?

Serious Board Seekers


Have you been pursuing a board seat for a while and need an actionable plan? Do you need to develop your board materials and activate your network for opportunities?

Directors Ready to Level Up


Do you love your current board work and want to add one or two more board roles to your portfolio? Do you want to refresh your messaging, materials and presence to secure those additional roles?

The Promise of the Course

You will learn a proven method to identify the exact value you bring to the boardroom so you can activate your board search and successfully land your first (or second, or third!) board roles with clarity, speed and confidence. Tissa has helped hundreds of people secure public and private board roles.


Why People Love My Board Blueprint™


Tissa has directly helped me secure board director roles with this blueprint and her coaching.


"This course is different from any other you’ll find out there. Tissa jump starts your board journey by sharing materials and insights that otherwise take many months or years to learn. She has directly helped me secure board director roles with this blueprint and her coaching."

-Sharmila Kassam
Board Director, Audit Committee Chair, Nom/Gov Committee Member, Adit EdTech (NYSE: ADEX.U); Board Member, Foundation Credit Opportunities Hedge Fund; COO, NASDAQ Asset Owners Group


Instrumental in my journey to the boardroom.


"Tissa was instrumental in my journey to the boardroom: articulating my board value proposition, coaching me for interviews, and being a constant cheerleader on the journey."

-Emily Rollins
Board Member, McAfee (NASDAQ: MCFE), Board Member, Dolby (NYSE: DLB); Board Member & Audit Committee Chair, Xometry (NASDAQ: XMTR); Board Member & Audit Committee Chair, Dwolla; Board Member, Science 37; Retired Audit & Assurance Partner, Deloitte


The most relevant and most effective in this space.

"Tissa was key to articulating my value proposition in my board documents and also conversationally. I did a lot of searching and have found her to be the most relevant and most effective in this space. Tissa’s style is dynamic, down-to-earth, and positive. That’s foundational to why you will feel empowered – and successful – after working with her. This was particularly important for me as a retired senior Naval officer: I needed someone who could help me translate my military career into corporate terms and accelerate my board journey."
- Mary Jackson
Vice Admiral, US Navy (Ret); Board Director, Pacific Architects & Engineers (NASDAQ: PAE)


Accelerated my board journey significantly

"Tissa has been invaluable in helping me articulate my board value proposition and identify and secure my next board opportunity. She demystified what can otherwise be a daunting process and streamlined the creation of board documents. This accelerated my board journey significantly. I am especially grateful for the personal attention, guidance and encouragement that Tissa provided throughout the course, which has positioned me to approach the next phase of my explorations with optimism and confidence."

- Katherine Davisson
Board Member and Member of the Audit & Compliance Committee, Select Medical Holdings Inc. (NYSE: SEM)


The secret sauce to landing my public board seat

"Tissa's insightful, brilliant, and soulful coaching was the secret sauce to landing my public board seat. She helped me break out of limiting beliefs and find the right board where I can add value and have a blast. Tissa is a super gifted coach, and I am so grateful to have worked with her."

- Manisha Thakor
Founder, MoneyZen, Trustee, Lincoln Financial Board of Directors 


Absolutely worth it

"This course is absolutely worth the time and money you will be investing. Whether you’re looking to land your first board role, or looking to expand your board portfolios, everyone gets equal value out of the course. You’ll be glad you made the investment in your message, your materials, your confidence and your skills in interviewing when you get to that board interview. And you’ll get more interviews because Tissa helps you understand that roles come through networking, and how to do it. As a bonus, you’ll meet a great network of people who stay connected each month long afterwards."


- Lorraine Hendrickson
Board Member Audit Chair, Creatd (NYSE: CRTD)


An exceptional program

"The Board Blueprint program combined Tissa’s unique blend of wisdom, insight and in-your-face, blunt force encouragement with the extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with other senior, seasoned, board-ready executives in a small group setting.  The discussions with the cohort, led by Tissa and her keen insights, made this program invaluable.  Truly an exceptional program that helped us hone our board stories and create top-quality board materials."

- Christianne Kerns
Managing Partner, Hahn & Hahn, Board Member, SunAmerica Series Trust and Seasons Series Trust Board of Trustees


Took my materials to a new level

"I had board materials, but this course took them to a new level. I have a clearer view of the ways that my executive experience drives revenue growth and stakeholder value for the boards on which I serve."

- Dr. Joanna Dodd Massey
Lead Director, Nominations & Governance Chair and Audit Committee member, KULR Technology Group (NYSE:KULR); Board Member, Nominations & Governance Chair and Audit Committee member, TessPay (NASDAQ Ticker TBD); Board Member and member of the Special Committee on M&A, Hollywood Foreign Press Association; Advisory Board member, 8B Education Investments. 


Powerful advice, tips and tools

"I highly recommend Tissa's My Board Blueprint Cohort for current and potential board members seeking to increase their opportunities to land a board seat.  Tissa provides participants with sound and powerful advice, tips and tools that will energize your journey to landing a board seat. The content is valuable for first time board seat seekers and current board members looking to add another seat to their portfolio.  As a bonus, you will expand your network with board seat candidates sharing the same journey and who provide valuable insight from their board search experience."

- Keith Kahl
Retired Chief Audit Executive, President & CEO Kahl Professional Services


Clarity and confidence

"Tissa's process works! Her tools identify the unique value you bring to a board and establish a focused action plan for maximizing your potential as a board member. She gets you to the essence of what you need to know in your pursuit of board opportunities and prepares you to meet those opportunities with clarity and confidence."

- Michael Norton
Creative & Strategic Director, MJN BR & Consulting


An inspiring environment

"Tissa's cohort brings a remarkable community of leaders who share a common goal. It creates an inspiring environment where members can learn from each other's questions, experiences, and successes. If you aspire to hone your leadership skills while being a part of a supportive and driven community, Tissa's cohort is for you.."

- Harpreet Kohli
AVP, IAM, The Cooperators


Made my light-bulb go on

"My Board Blueprint really made my 'light bulb' go on with regards to  how to best position myself. The material is intuitive and well-organized and Tissa’s style keeps us engaged and on track."

- Jessica Poliner
President & CEO, relayr; Qualified Risk Director (QRD)



The process and approach are great


"I had writer's block for over a year to create my board documents. Then I joined My Board Blueprint - the process and approach are great, and I feel great about what I've created out of the program."

- Joanne Solomon
Board Director, VIAVI Solutions (Nasdaq: VIAV)


This experience is so valuable


"I cannot overstate how valuable I've found this experience. Tissa makes the process flow so smoothly. I'm so glad I joined the course."

- Shelley Foland


A great road map of how to succeed


"It was truly an amazing course, with an amazing group of people from so many different backgrounds. Tissa provided a great road map of how to proceed and succeed on this board journey."

- Colette Panebianco
Founder & CEO, CY Consulting 


What's Included in My Board Blueprint™

5 Weekly, 75-Minute Live Sessions Led by Tissa Richards

Plus lifetime access to your cohort even after the course and private invite to our cohort-only membership.

Course Replays

Access to replays of the course sessions in your private cohort members area.

Curated Reports and Materials

Hand-selected reports about the skills boards are seeking in directors.

Board Toolkit Templates

Easy to use templates that guide you through completion of your Board Bio, Board CV, and Board Profile for maximum impact. Developed for and used with the biggest firms in the world.

LinkedIn Guide

Step-by-step guide to optimize your LinkedIn profile with your value proposition and board skills to get seen and build your credibility.

Community Networking and Breakout Sessions

Real-time breakout sessions and networking with other leaders to test your value proposition and your network activation plan.

Ask Me Anything!

Access to Tissa for Q&A and feedback on your materials and value proposition.

Tissa’s Board Ecosystem

Upload your final board toolkit to Tissa’s database of board candidates, a large, curated ecosystem connecting opportunities and candidates.

Here's what else you get (BONUSES!)

Board Toolkit Templates

Board templates - board bio, profile and CVs -  that I use with the biggest private equity and F1000 board clients. They will become a key part of your board toolkit. ($2200 value)

Interview Success Guide

A board interview success guide showing the questions you might be asked, the questions you should ask, and what's behind all of them. How to prepare for - and secure success in your board interviews! ($750 value)


Meet Your Board Coach & Course Facilitator!

Tissa Richards is a bold, trusted, authentic technology founder, speaker and executive coach. She has founded, invested in, and run software companies in Silicon Valley, and holds over a dozen software patents. She has won awards for her innovative software products from some of the world’s largest companies. Tissa has navigated the tough worlds of entrepreneurship, executive leadership, and fundraising. Today, Tissa works with the world’s largest private equity and investment firms and corporations as well as innovative startups. She prepares boardroom candidates, coaches leadership teams and executives, and facilitates corporate workshops. She speaks globally on topics affecting executives and leaders.

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  • 5 live, 75-minute sessions with Tissa (replays included)
  • Board Toolkit 
  • Network Activation Plan
  • Private membership community
  • Live practice and community support for your value proposition and pitch
  • Live Q&A feedback on your materials and value proposition
  • Live board interview preparation and coaching

    🔑 My Board Profile , Bio and CV Templates developed with the largest PE firms in the world ($2,200 value)
    🔑  Interview Success Guide ($750 value)

Enrollment OPEN.


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Money-Back Guarantee



Attend the first session, and if you don’t see value, you can request a complete refund.

(We highly doubt this will happen, but we believe you should be totally comfortable making this investment!)



Tissa's Commitment To You

Build a legacy of impact and  contribution through board service.


I’ve charged between $30,000+ to privately coach executives from the world’s biggest companies (like the ones above) to secure board seats at private and public companies. I’m passionate about making sure that everyone can access the information and insights they need to fulfill their dream of board service.

Over many years and thousands of hours speaking, coaching and facilitating, I’ve developed this course. It includes the best of what I’ve delivered to successful board seekers – and now board directors – in a focused, actionable 5-week program.

In this course, you’ll learn the same actionable process and insights I share with my 1:1 clients. You’ll have access to a small group of people in the same place on their board journey, to network with and get immediate feedback from. And you’ll get it all for a fraction of the price, so you can get on your way to the boardroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Course Curriculum

My Board Blueprint is a no-nonsense blueprint to equip you with actionable tools and a proven process to kickstart your board journey and activate your network to rapidly land your first or next board position.

Week 1: My Board Journey
  • Board skills: Trends in board challenges and what they need
  • How to align your experience with board needs
  • Shift from operational to strategic experience
  • Value creation and risk navigation stories
  • Learn Tissa’s proven “so what” method of telling your story so it really matters
Week 2: My Value Proposition
  • The heart of your success: Why you?
  • Learn the components of a powerful value proposition
  • Learn why it matters: succinct, memorable and scalable
  • Breakout session: apply the so-what method to your value proposition
Week 3: My Board Toolkit
  • Learn the tools you need for your board journey (and why)
  • Optimize your online presence, written assets, and your spoken value proposition
  • How to get started creating your board toolkit (download your automated templates!)
  • Breakout session: real-time feedback on your value proposition
  • Challenge: update your LinkedIn and get group feedback
Week 4: Activating My Network
  • Learn how to be seen early in the decision cycle to maximize your success
  • Assess the best networking opportunities and groups for your target boards
  • Create an intentional networking strategy to activate and scale your search
  • Breakout session: practice your networking pitch with peers and get real-time feedback
  • Challenge: Get feedback from your network and fine-tune your value proposition
Week 5: My Success Acceleration
  • Finalize your board story and materials
  • Breakout session and feedback from Tissa: is your network activation plan ready and clear?
  • Who can your peers immediately introduce you to based on your board story?
  • Exchange board toolkits and assess!
  • Challenge: Deliver your value proposition in under 1 minute
  • Prepare for interviews: What are your strengths and weaknesses? Learn the interview arc!
  • Put it all together for board portfolio success!
  • Commit to a blueprint of success

You’re just a few steps away from landing your ideal board seat. Get the direction and confidence you need on your board journey!
Join us today.


Enrollment OPEN - Enroll in a cohort below!



Enroll in April 2024 Cohort here - FULL

Enroll in May/June 2024 Cohort here

 Enroll in July/August 2024 Cohort here


Register for APRIL 2024 Cohort Now! - FULL
Register for MAY/JUNE 2024 Cohort Now!
Register for July/August Cohort Now!
A Message From Tissa:

I’m so excited about the transformation that happens whenever someone goes through this course. You gain clarity, confidence, and the ability to say clearly: “[This] is the exact value I bring to [this] kind of board looking to do [this]. [This] is how I help guide companies needing [this] or facing [this] kind of challenge.”


Having that laser focus and succinct story makes you stand out. Your value is clear and compelling. People immediately understand, “why you?” They immediately start thinking about who they should introduce you to. They advocate for you. They scale and amplify your board search for you. This maximizes and accelerates your success.

This approach isn’t theoretical. It works, over and over again. My clients secure private and public board seats. They are confident going into – and coming out of – interviews. They know how to activate their networks. They tap into the tens of thousands of board opportunities available each year and become successful, impactful board directors.

Many people tell me they don’t have a board story or a value proposition. They tell me it’s hard to come up with something that is crisp, concise and compelling. I know it’s hard, and I promise you, you have one. The same people who tell me how hard it is go through the exercises and the discovery process and they are excited to see theirs come to life. I’ve never had someone not discover theirs.

You have a compelling board story. I’m here to help you surface and tell it. And I’m here to help you cut through the frustration and the feeling that this is hard. It doesn’t have to be. Nothing makes my day more than someone calling or texting me to announce, “I got it! I got the board role!”

This is my approach to executive and board coaching. Pragmatic, practical, and actionable. (And empathetic.) I want you to leave not just with inspiration but also with transformation. With a clear plan. With a robust set of board materials that make you stand out. And, with the confidence to tell your board story in any situation, memorably and concisely. 

I want to help as many people as possible do this. Let’s transform the boardroom. Let’s bring new perspectives, skills and voices to the boardroom. Let’s bring your voice to the boardroom. Let’s do it now. Let me show you how. It would be an honor.

See you inside!