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You’re not alone! Continue unlocking and optimizing your F.A.R.E. leadership by joining your fellow alumni for monthly community coaching session with Tissa 
  • Build your "Personal Board of Directors" - offers and requests, update, share what you're working on and keep each other accoutnable
  • Network and get valuable insight, resources and feedback from other alumni
  •  Continue the groundbreaking, honest conversations you started during your cohort
  •  Keep up the close bonds you formed during your cohort and meet other amazing women who are intentionally committing to their leadership
  •  Get regular access to Tissa for ongoing situational coaching, support, and feedback
  •  Activate and stay accountable to your F.A.R.E.Way leadership plan
  •  Work through challenges with the support of Tissa and other alumni
  •  Have a hard decision to make? A difficult situation to navigate? Together, we’ll help apply the situational leadership framework and make the most challenging situations easier

“If you’re ready to be intentional and successful in your career, Tissa is the right guide for you.”

Sharmila Kassam 
Executive Director, AIF Global

“It’s surreal how Tissa can look into your soul, help you identify who you are and what you stand for, and put it into words.”

Neeti Deshmukh
Senior Director Enterprise Platform Services, PayPal

"Tissa’s style is dynamic, down-to-earth, and positive. That’s foundational to why you will feel empowered – and successful – after working with her."

Mary Jackson

Vice Admiral, US Navy (Ret)



Meet Your Executive Coach
Tissa Richards

Tissa Richards is a bold, trusted, authentic technology founder, speaker and executive coach. She has founded, invested in, and run software companies in Silicon Valley, and holds over a dozen software patents. She has won awards for her innovative software products from some of the world’s largest companies. Tissa has navigated the tough worlds of entrepreneurship, executive leadership, and fundraising. Today, Tissa works with the world’s largest private equity and investment firms and corporations as well as innovative startups. She prepares boardroom candidates, coaches leadership teams and executives, and facilitates corporate workshops. She speaks globally on topics affecting executives and leaders.